1st Online European MCR Duplicate Championship | 31.10.2020
On the opportunity of the first anniversary of the 6th WMC, Mahjong Club du RhĂ´ne, in partnership with the Mahjong International League and mahjongsoft.com, is pleased to organize the first Online European Championship of Mahjong MCR in duplicate version.


The year 2020 is an exceptional year with the arrival of an unknown virus which has limited social ties in all countries.

The board games and in particular the Mahjong are greatly victims of this situation : handling of the tiles, less than a meter away, limited number of players... The tournaments are canceled one after the other and the outlook seems not to be very favorable.

The online game has taken a renewed interest, some clubs having organized online tournaments. However, this possibility has some drawbacks: a private site which charges connection fees (subscription) and which, for the majority of players, does not guarantee a real random draw during games which opens the door to all suspicions.

Duplicate Mahjong (DM), like bridge, scrabble and many other games, is a competitive format that allows luck to be reduced to a minimum. Duplicate Mahjong is not a new set of rules but a minor adaptation of the set of basic rules used and recognized in competition by MIL such as MCR, RCR and SBR.