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Tournament dates 1st to 3 november 2019
Registration fees 250 €
Number of players 256
Games 10 sessions of 2 hours each

Official language English
Referees Astrid DUBEDOUT    Axel ESCHENBURG    
Gert VAN DER VEGT    Zheng ZHANG    
EMA Observator Aucun
Please note The registration fee (250?) includes:
Participation in the tournament
Welcome gift for each player
Prizes for winners
Breakfast every morning, before tournament
(friday, saturday and sunday)
Meals at midday (friday, saturday and sunday)
Collation and refreshment during the tournament
Gala reception in a typical place in Beaujolais
(with transport)
Handling of referees during the tournament

Play route

Each player draws a number from the numbers reserved for his country.
No player plays twice with the same player.
No player plays with a player of his own country.

The first ranking phase

For the 8 first rounds of Friday and Saturday, players will be spread out at 64 tables, by random draw.

The overall ranking makes it possible to make the final ranking by nation by counting the table points of the three best players of each nation. In case of a tie, the tie will be made with the points of play.

At the end of these 8 rounds, rankings will be fixed with 16 places groups.

Second final phase

For the 9th round, each group of 16 players will play at 4 tables. Each table will be organized as follows :
- 1 player ranked between 1-4 (modulo 16)
- 1 player between 5-8 (modulo 16)
- 1 player between 9-12 (modulo 16)
- 1 player between 13-16 (modulo 16)

By example for the fifth groupe : the first table with players ranked 65, 69, 73 and 77. The second one with players ranked 66, 70, 74 and 78. And so on, the third one 67, 71, 75 and 79 ; and the last one 68, 72, 76 and 80.

Then rankings will be fixed with 4 places groups.

For the 10th and last round, each group of 16 players will play as follows : the first table with the four winning players, the second one with the four second palyers, the third one with the four third players and the last one with the four last players.

The world champion will be the winner of the table of the winners of the 1st group of 16.


The scores will be entered in real time using electronic tablets to feed the live of the competition.

Easy to use and secure, it offers a double advantage: to limit the risks of data entry errors and especially to allow real-time monitoring, especially online, of the course of the competition. So as soon as the impact of gong, the provisional ranking will be displayed.


Eight international referees, under the responsibility of Astrid Dubedout and David Jourdain, EMA International Arbitrators, will form the Arbitration Committee.


For any question or request for information, please contact Mahjong Club du Rhône

Pictures : Beaujolais landscape / city hall of Villefranche-sur-Saône